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Movie-related podcast that include reviews, social commentary and analysis from several points of view. Subject matter will range from early cinema history to current releases and related news material(s). Intended audiences are 18+ and older and may or may not include adult language and subject material. Views expressed are personal and belong to podcast-personality's and may or may not reflect that of Light's Chosen Media.
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Feb 23, 2017

Welcome to Movie Roulette!!!

This week our hosts strap on our body armor and take pot-shots at one another and discuss three movies during this installment. Our hosts discuss Cocoon 2 (1988) with Jessica Tandy, Nothing to Lose (1997) with Tim Robbins and Zardoz (1974) starring Sean Connery.

One of our hosts willfully criticizes the "body of work" of Nicholas Cage in a salty rant about being a responsible adult, talk of a new upcoming segment and an exploration of drug-influenced movies in cinema during the 1970's were tabled during this episode.

Joe laments that the IMDB message boards are no longer going to continue, Juan didn't fully recap Nothing to Lose and wings it poorly. Sean almost got lost in the morass that was quite possibly one of the worst movies in Sean Connery's career. "ZARDOZ!!!"

Our hosts also discuss the history of the famous "Wilhelm Scream" (near 18:00 mark).


NSFW/Explicit Rating!!!! Ya been warned. Many times.



Howard the Duck was directed by Willard Huyck.

Sean Connery played James Bond from 1962-1967, 1971, 1983.


No ducks were harmed during the taping of this episode.

Feb 14, 2017

NSFW-Explicit Rating.

Welcome to The Stone Turntable!

Love is in the air as our salty hosts stomp on the flowers, eat all the chocolates and host another round of Marry, Quack, Kill as well as talked about their opinions about Kubo and the Two Strings. At the request of a new listener, Joe spoke briefly about Split and gave M.Night Shamalan some good marks.

We talk briefly about today's holiday and wish you and those you love a safe Valentine's Day.

Spread the Love.

Reap the blessings of mirth.

Don't be a shithead.

We gave a shout out to a friend of the show, Dana, who recently published a full length studio album called Desert Mermaid, now on iTunes!! Click link below:

 Do it!!!


*we managed to coax a few ducks to show up in the studio with some candy. None got diabetes during the taping of this show.

Feb 2, 2017

Welcome to The Stone Turntable!!!

This week, "the proof is in the pudding!!"

Our hosts return to follow up on 2016's Oscar nominations which were announced on January 24, 2017. See the full list at

They also bring you a new segment called "Marry, Quack, Kill?" where our hosts force each other to rank a group of three movies by whether or not they would "marry" them, "quack" them or "kill" them off.

The shenanigans are in full swing this time around and full Explicit language/NSFW in effect. Many ducks returned from their respite to pitch in on the editing process but jet lag seemed to affect their efficiency. None were harmed during the taping of this episode.

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